Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What will my first session look like?
This might be the start of a very big move for you!

Perhaps this is your very first counselling session you’ve ever experienced, or perhaps you’ve attended a billion of them in the past. Either way, WELCOME! You can be assured that the atmosphere will be easy going, calm and relaxed. I’ll even make you a cup of tea or coffee if you’d like.

As we rent space in the KOPI building on the second floor, we have to follow some of their rules. For example, you will be required to wear a mask to enter the building. However once you are in my office, if you’d like to keep it on, you’re welcome to do so, but this is no longer a requirement.

You will see many signs when you come in to “check in the front desk”- but YOU DON’T HAVE TO! That requirement is only for the patients of KOPI and you are OUR patient. So please come straight up to the second floor by the elevator or the stairs and turn left through that hallway door. You will find my office as the first door on the left from there. Again, KOPI patients need to wait in that waiting room at the top of the stairs, but you are not their client, so PLEASE come straight down to my office. There is a chair there for you to use if I’m not quite ready for you yet.

It might be tempting to arrive extra early. I get that urge, but please do wait in your car until about 5 minutes before your appointment to allow for the privacy of the client who may be ahead of you still.

If you have not yet completed the intake forms online prior to your appointment, we can do that together.

During our session you will have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have, and share your story in whatever depth you initially feel comfortable. It’s always OUR job to keep track of time- so don’t worry about that part. We will make sure the session ends on time to respect the time of everyone. And at the end of the session, we can book another right in the office together, or you are welcome to do so on your own through my online booking option.

How many sessions will I need to see resolution to my concerns?
There is no set format for determining the number of sessions required. Changes are dependent on a variety of factors such as length of time that this has been an issue for you, nature of the issue, your readiness to make changes within your control, your willingness to do work outside of the counselling session, and your own time and financial availability.

Can I reach you between sessions?
Emails and calls will be picked up occasionally through the day. However for your own privacy and confidentiality you are encouraged to limit the content of your email to basic requests. Please see the privacy section for further information regarding this request.

Should a phone call be longer than 15 minutes, there may be a charge prorated from the cost of counselling for the length of time spent together.

Are counselling fees covered by insurance plans?
You will need to contact your own private insurance plan and/or your employee benefits plan to inquire whether there is coverage for counselling provided by a Registered Social Worker (RSW). Receipts will be provided at time of payment with my Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers registration number affixed.

You are fully responsible for completing the necessary insurance forms for your provider to obtain coverage. Some plans provide this coverage and the amount covered may differ individually. Alternatively you may choose to claim the amount as a medical expense for tax deductions. OHIP does not cover counselling services by RSW at this time.

What does it mean that you are registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW)?
The Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (the College) is the regulatory body for social workers and social service workers in Ontario. The College was created when the province of Ontario fully proclaimed the Social Work and Social Service Work Act, 1998 on August 15, 2000. Its ongoing mandate is to serve and protect the public from unqualified, incompetent and unfit practitioners. For more information please view their website at:

Will my personal information be kept confidential?
All personal information will be kept confidential and stored securely when on an electronic device and/or paper file. We cannot provide any of your personal information to any individual or authority without your prior written consent. Exceptions to this are in relation to child protection concerns, concerns of imminent risk of harm to yourself or someone else, or when mandated to provide something under the authority of a subpoena to court. Please see the page on privacy and confidentiality for more information regarding these issues.

Phone and Video Counselling

What are the benefits to phone and video counselling?
If you’re seriously asking this question, then the Covid-19 self isolation requirements have lifted, or you’ve just come out of a coma. 🙂 In either case- yay! Seriously though, this has great benefits to those who wish to access our services from a distance because you’ve moved, or just because you’ve heard such awesome things about us. It’s also helpful for situations where you may be home bound due to illness or struggle with transportation issues. Another helpful occasion for phone or video counselling is to assist with time constraints- cutting out the travel time to access services and making the most of the lunch break you may have from work. 🙂

When is video or phone counselling not appropriate?
If you or someone you are concerned about is experiencing acute suicidal/homicidal thoughts, severe addictions concerns, or a time of crisis they would be better suited to face to face counselling at Rising Hope Counselling rather than e-counselling. If you are in immediate crisis and require immediate assistance between counselling appointments, please contact one of your local crisis services such as:


  • 911
  • Kingston General Hospital – Emergency Department- 613-548-2333;
    76 Stuart Street, Kingston, ON
  • Addiction and Mental Health Services Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington (AMHS-KFLA)- 24 hour crisis line: 613-544-4229 (Kingston/Frontenac); 24 hour crisis line: 613-354-7288 (Lennox/Addington)
  • 24 hour Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868


Are there evening appointments available?
Right now unfortunately no, however that may change in the future and we’ll update this if that happens. Our current appointment times are 9:00 AM, 10:05 AM, 11:15 AM, 1:15 PM and 2:30 PM Monday through Friday.

Is there a cost for missed or rescheduled appointment without proper notice?
Unfortunately yes, as someone else could have likely used that spot that you no longer required. You will be billed full fee for missed appointments or appointments rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice.

How long are the appointments?
Typically sessions are 60 minutes in length, 50 minutes for the in person/video/phone session and 10 minutes designated to ensuring your information is recorded accurately and in detail.

How often do we meet for appointments?
This is flexible in nature, however for the purposes of maintaining a sense of continuity and forward progress, we encourage you to think about weekly or bi-weekly sessions and how this might fit within your schedule. If you are hoping to engage in counselling related to improving the symptoms of insomnia, it is important to meet weekly for the first several weeks at minimum. If that does not work for you we can certainly negotiate something that will!

How do I schedule an appointment?
If you would like to set up a first appointment you may do so by visiting the contact page, where you will find options for phone, text, email and online appointment booking.

Are you Wheelchair accessible?
Yes! Now that we have relocated to an office within the Kingston Orthopaedic Pain Institute (KOPI), there is an elevator available to bring you to the second floor.


What are the fees for counselling?
Please see our “pricing and services” page for more information.

What methods of payments are accepted?
We accept cash, e-transfer, debit or credit card payment. Your payment is required at the time of the session.